I am a jewellery artist and designer living and working in Lahti, Finland.


My main focus is on liquid enamel; a technique that I learned in 2015 while I was in Edinburgh College of Art as an exchange student. The technique was completely new to me and I fell instantly in love with the possibilities to create textures and drawings directly on the surfaces.

I love it, but I know I still have so much to learn. That is a part of the thrill.

I am immensely intrigued by animals and nature. I find it amazing how they have evolved over time and created incredible, weird habits and ways to survive. There are millions of species, and every one has their own little thing and a spot in the ecosystem.

It makes me feel small, sort of like when thinking about the size of the universe. I feel an almost child-like enthusiasm when I think about these things and find out about new species. This is the feeling I would love to convey to viewers and wearers.