There are millions of species, and every one has their own little thing and a spot in the ecosystem. Did you know that there is a type of tenrec shrew in Madagascar, that looks like a hedgehog, but is completely unrelated? It has just developed the same ways of survival in the world.
And there are gigantic goliath beetles people keep as pets. And axolotls, salamanders that don’t want to grow up. Did you know elephants can recognise themselves in mirrors? And don’t get me started on platypuses or tardigrades!

And there is still so much we don’t know, and so many species we haven’t discovered! There are so many creatures and things living their lives without us ever even knowing of them, and with them certainly not having a clue about us. They make colonies and have wars and inhabit the deepest oceans or live on just one tiny island in the middle of nowhere.

Are we really that special in the grand scheme of things?